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    Scheibelhut family of Marshall Co. WV.
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    Scheibelhut family of Marshall Co. WV.
    Bee McCormack (View posts)
    Posted:21 Jan 2000 12:00PM GMT
    Classification: Bible
    Surnames: Scheibelhut, Scheibelhood, Keller, Stender, Weisant, Bishop
    My Scheibelhood ancestors immigrated to WV before 1838 from Prussia. They moved to their farm in
    Marshall Co. in 1862.
    Below is a copy of the record in the family bible. I hope this is the right place to post it. If not, someone
    please tell me where.
    Page 1 Family Register
    (1) Joseph Scheibelhut born 15 March 1814
    my wife Maria born 21 November 1817
    first eldest daughter Teresia born 23 November 1839
    son Augustin born 15 May 1842
    2nd daughter Maria born 3 February 1844
    3rd daughter Lowisa born 3 March 1847
    2nd son Johannes born 27 June 1849
    4th daughter Maria Josefina born 8 November 1852
    5th daughter Adelheit born 27 September 1855
    6th daughter Amelia (struck thru) Emile born 10 July 1861
    Page 2 Marriages
    Joseph Scheibelhut married Maria Anna Fauss on 30 August 1838 both born at Grossenluder district of
    Fulda, Electorate of Hessen, Kingdom of Prussia
    Page 3
    Eldest daughter Teresia married (Gregory O. Keller)24 May 1857
    2nd daughter Maria entered convent 7 August 1865
    3rd daughter Lowisa entered convent 31 August 1870
    John the second son married (Margaret Stender) 13 November 1871
    4th daughter Josephin married (Wendell Stender) 8 June 1876
    5th daughter Adelheit married (Alec Weisant) 30 July 1878
    6th daughter Emile married (John Bishop)18 September 1883
    Page 4 DeathsOldest son Augustin died 27 October 1864 Camp Levi, Florence South Carolina Age 22 years 5 months
    12 days
    Our youngest daughter Emile died 15 June 1888
    Our daughter Josefin died 2 December 1888
    Joseph Scheibelhut died 16 February 1896
    Adelaid fifth daughter died May(?) (Illegible date)
    Mary Anna mother died 8 June 1908
    Page 5 Remarks
    Moved out to country 26 March 1862
    (In English)Father moved on the farm 26 March 1862 in Marshall County

    Linked toJoseph Scheibelhut

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